Blasma Pistol

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Blasma-Pistol.png The Blasma Pistol is the basic weapon in Flinthook. Its effectiveness can be upgraded through the use of Blasma Pistol Perks.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"Small enough to tuck into your buccaneer's boot! Powerful enough to blast picaroons out of their shoes!

This laser weapon is custom-fitted with a rare Blazing Ruby, allowing it to have different types of shots!

Rumors say that Captain Flinthook was given the unusual stone as a gift after saving Delfina Vulk, the Princess of Anderova, from a forced mariage to the cruel Marshall of the Red Ring."

Name: Blasma Pistol
Damage: 10
Critical Hit


Rate of


(Needs Testing)
Range: (Needs Testing)