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Curses are perks that affect Captain Flinthook in a negative way.


There are many ways one can attain curses; be it bad luck at the Gamblinger an exchange at the Devil's Lodge, a Doomed Sanctuary or even an encounter with the Executioner. Either way, no good can come from curses; or can there?

List of Curses[]

Curse Name Description Effect
Curse-Of-The-lesser-Vigor.png Curse of the lesser vigor! Gain more XP but slices off some of your Max HP! A pity! Lose 20% Max HP.
Curse-Of-The-Hurtful-Hourglass.png Curse of the hurtful hourglass! Gain more XP but slowly lose HP as time goes on. Shocking! (?) (Numbers Needed)
Curse-Of-The-Uninvited.png Curse of the uninvited! Gain more XP but lose HP whenever entering a room. Dastardly! Gain (?%) XP per run but lose 1 HP every time you enter a room, this includes back tracking. (number needed)
Curse-Of-The-Draining-Battle.png Curse of the draining battle! Gain more XP but lose HP the longer you stay in Battle Rooms. Worrying! (?) (Numbers Needed)
Curse-Of-The-Pitiful-Pistol.png Curse of the pitiful pistol! Gain more XP but your Blasma pistol is weaker. Sad! Blasma Pistol does 15% less damage, rounded up.
(image needed) Curse of the blocked clock! Gain more XP but your slow motion meter becomes shorter. A Shame! Seems to shorten the duration of your Chronobuckle. (Numbers Needed)
Curse-Of-The-Ruinous-Recovery.png Curse of the ruinous recovery! Gain more XP but any healing effects are reduced. The horror! Healing effects are reduced by 25%, rounded down (Healing apples = 7 Space meat = 18 Potions = 37 Tonics = 75)
Curse-Of-The-Frail-Pirate.png Curse of the frail pirate! Gain more XP but get more damage with every enemy hit. Curses! Enemies now hit for 12 damage when one has a combo multiplier (?)(Haven't tried with numbers lower than 4, but have gone up to 40 with no differences, needs more testing)
Curse-of-the-Executioner.png Curse of the Executioner! Reduces you max HP by a small amount. Maddening! Reduces max HP by 30