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Ghost Ships are secret pirate spaceships in Flinthook that can be accessed by acquiring a minimum of curses.


"A ghastly sight for the careful navigators, a chance fot filthy scallywags with no regard to their lives. The haunted ships offer cursed sailors a gambit: best their undead captain in combat and a mighty bounty is theirs! But what? Valdorian jewels? The lost scrolls of Dusso? A Space Siren's Scale? Many pirates have tried to board the Ghost ships, only to find themselves shackled to its ghoulish crews forever..."


Spoilers ahead !

The ghost ships can be accessed through the Gamblinger, Doomed Sanctuary, Chopping block and Devil's lodge level modifiers, as they all give curses. For now, it seems that a minimum of 3 curses are required to get access to the ships. Each boss bounty gives access to one ghost ship. There are no curses - thus no ghost ship - for Bad Billy Bullseye's bounty. Otherwise, there are 3 ghost ships available from each of these separate boss runs:

Beating a ghost ship frees its green Lighthouse Keepers, freeing all three allows one to see the true ending and get the Fiat Lux! achievement.