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The Pirate spaceships are the dungeons in Flinthook. The great majority of these spaceships are randomly generated based on their rules and modifiers.

There are also special Challenge levels, Daily and Weekly. These are hard spaceships with multiple modifiers and fixed layouts for all runs.

The Cluster Clan Spaceships[]

The Hardhorn's: Led By Billy Bullseye
Cobalt-Xebec Ironhead Metal Whale Titan Trunk
Cobalt-Xebec.png Ironhead.png Metal-Whale.png Titan-Trunk.png
The Stonebeaks': Led By Admiral James Goldfeathers
Hammerlock One Barrel-Runner Rock-Tumbler Pile Driver
Hammerlock-One.png Barrel-Runner.png Rock-Tumbler.png Piledriver.png
The Liquidators': Led By Baron Von Guu
Fightenstein Brawlener Gallera Wargosk
Fightenstein.png Brawlener.png Gallera.png Wargosk.png

Secret ships/areas[]

Spoilers ahead!


Modifiers apply bonuses, penalties and challenges to the spaceships, which expands the gameplay variety.

This is a list of all currently known modifiers:

Image Name Description
Librarius symbol.png Librarius The ship contains a room with a Lore page
Laby.png Labyrinthe The ship is much bigger than usual
Platoon on board.png Platoon on Board All battle rooms have 1 extra wave of enemies
Loot.png Loot More gold from chests
Tenderizor.png Tenderizor At least one spike trap placed in every room
Devils lodge.png Devil's Lodge Room that gives a treasure chest with a perk for a random curse.
Tiptonius jones tip salon.png Tiptonius Jones' Tip Salon Tiptonius_Jones appears in a room.
Buffet Ship contains a room with free Space Meat in a bubble
Cornucopia.png Cornucopia More food will spawn on this ship
Flyaxe infestation.png Flyaxe Infestation Flyaxes in most rooms
Gamblinger symbol.png Gamblinger A roulette wheel that gives either a perk or a curse.
Gauntlet symbol.png Gauntlet Extra battle rooms.
Haunted chamber symbol.png Haunted Chamber One battle room has all tougher ghost enemies
Lockdown symbol.png Lockdown More doors are locked.
Multibranch symbol.png Multibranch Extra miniboss room
Relic shop symbol.png Relic Shop Room with a relic to buy.
Treasurium symbol.png Treasurium Extra treasure rooms
Skeleton crew.png Skeleton Crew Some enemies throughout the floor are tougher ghost versions
Heavy n slow.png Heavy N Slow Enemy bullets are slower and deal 33% more damage.
Brokenmap.png Broken Map No level map, even if you found one on Coxswain's room.
Battalion.png Battalion On Board All battle rooms have 2 extra waves of enemies
Dangeroom.png Dangeroom More rooms with traps
Rumbleroom.png Rumble Room Effect applies only with a controller and vibration otherwise no effect will occur
Fskeqxr.png Harsh Hordes Battle Rooms are harder.
Distorsion1.png Dizztortion Wavy distortion effect applied to whole floor
Toughtroops.png Tough Troops Enemies have more health
FxBJ1Nq.png Twerlington Territory Some non-battle rooms contain Twerlington enemies
Mega balles.png Big Blast Blast from Enemies and trap are all big blast. You don't take more damage.
Pieges lasers1.png Laser Lattice Lasers (the activated on sight type and the ones on a timer) are added to most rooms.
Purseful.png Purseful Enemies drops more gold
Asphyxia1.png Asphyxia Ships have a timer countdown. When it reachs 0, one will lose 1HP/ 5 seconds.
Venin.png Poison Countdown The player will slowly take damage as they travel through the ship.
Fog1.png Fogfull Ships will be full of fog!
Doomed sanctuary.png Doomed Sanctuary A Doomed Sanctuary appears in a room.
Renforts robustes.png Rough Raiders Enemies Deal 10% more damage.
Bazars.png Bazaars More shops.
Escouade spectrale.png Spectral Squad More enemies are replaced with Ghost versions.
ChoppingBlock.png Chopping Block Executioner that takes 30% MaxHP in exchange for a Perk (counts as a curse).


  • Despite each spaceship differing in sizes, this has no bearing on the actual size of the dungeon inside the spaceship.
  • Ghost ships will always have the fogfull modifier.